Texaco 2019 Poster Contest

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Texaco Poster Contest! This year's theme is ENERGY. Please read the instructions and requirements about poster submission carefully. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2019. Please submit your poster along with a completed Entry Form. We look forward to seeing your creativity and awesome illustrations!

About the Texaco Poster Contest

The Annual Texaco Poster Contest celebrates its 19th year and has become a State Science Fair tradition. Each Science Fair season, students from grades 6-12 may submit a poster with the selected theme. Students do not need to be science fair participants to enter. A panel of professional judges, with backgrounds in graphic design, textiles, media and/or art come together to select the Top 3 posters from each division. The top winners are awarded cash prizes. The winning poster is featured on the cover of the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair program the following year. 

Texaco 2018 Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants for their wonderful and creative artwork!  Texaco (previously under Chevron) was the title sponsor of the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair's Poster Contest. The annual contest encourages students from grades 6-12, under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, to think artistically about science and engineering. This year's theme is Physics & Astronomy.  The 2018 winners are:

SR 1 Gavlinn Padayhag Himalaya.JPG

1st Place - Sr Division

Gavlin Padayhag-Himalaya
12th Grade, Kamehameha Schools Kapalama

JR 1 Summer Royal.JPG

1st Place - Jr Division

Summer Royal
9th Grade, Iolani

SR 2 Min-Hua Tsou.JPG

2nd Place - Sr Division

Min-Hua Tsou
11th Grade, Mililani High School

JR 2 Cyrlie Valdez .JPG

2nd Place - Jr Division

Cyrlie Keith Valdez
8th Grade, Kapolei

SR3 Willow Okata.JPG

3rd Place - Sr Division

Willow Okata
9th Grade, Mililani High School

JR 3 Lexi Kennedy.JPG

3rd Place - Jr Division

Lexi Kennedy
8th Grade, Kapolei

Texaco (Chevron) 2017 Poster Winners

The 2017 Annual Chevron Poster Contest was held at this year's Hawaii State Science and Engineering fair.  There were about a 100 posters that were entered in the contest with this year's theme:  Plant Science.  Congratulations to all of the participants for their wonderful and creative artwork!  The 2017 winners are: 

1st Place - SR                                   2nd Place - SR                                  3rd Place - SR

           Anne Nakamoto                                                                  Gavlinn Padayhag-Himalaya                                                              Elizabeth Costa
Grade 11, Waiakea High School                                        Grade 11, Kamehameha Schools Kapalama                         Grade 12, Kamehameha Schools Kapalama


1st Place - JR                                   2nd Place - JR                                  3rd Place - JR

                Summer Royal                                                                           Joshua Abuan                                                                             Kathy Owen                                     Grade 8, Stevenson Middle School                                         Grade 7, Kapolei Middle School                                           Grade 8, Washington Middle School


2017 Chevron Honorable Mentions

SR and JR Honorable Mentions: (Top Left) Lucia Mumma, Grade 10, Mililani High School; (2) Tyler Mejia, Grade 11, Kamehameha School Kapalama; (3) Angelica Lapena, Grade 7, Kalakaua Intermediate School; (4) Diana Reis, Grade 8, Kapolei Middle School; (5) Fanny Liu, Grade 7, Stevenson Middle School; (6) Jared Dela Cruz, Grade 7, Kalakaua Intermediate School; (7) Shantisha Ori, Grade 8, Kalakaua Intermediate.

Texaco (Chevron) 2016 Poster Winners

1st Place: Natalie Kwon, Hawaii Baptist Academy;  2nd Place: Karina Bhattacharya, Baldwin High School;  3rd Place: Summer Muramoto, McKinley High School                    Honorable Mention:  Luke Ginoza, Niu Valley Middle School; Summer Royal, Stevenson Middle School; Caitlin Tyananes, Kapolei Middle School