Aloha Mentors & Former Mentors!

This year, the Academy is making one of its primary goals to strengthen and improve the mentorship program. Our mission has always been to promote scientific research and create valuable learning experiences for students. Some of you have volunteered to be a mentor in the past and/or will volunteer for this year. In order to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of both the mentor and the student, as well as the aims of the project, it is important to first gather feedback from you. As a HSSEF judge, you have the knowledge of what makes a strong research project. And as a professional, you have the expertise and life experience that can provide positive guidance to an interested young mind. The success of the mentor-student relationship hinges on the ability of our mentors to nurture that scientific curiosity.

This short survey hopes to serve as a platform to developing a more robust matching system. Your feedback is pivotal for us to properly match you with a student. We realize that busy schedules limit the availability you can dedicate to being a mentor. In this regard, we understand if you cannot commit to being a mentor at this time. However, if you can make a commitment to a student, we do hope that you volunteer. You may find this opportunity to be enjoyable and inspirational for both parties.

We would really appreciate a few minutes to complete our short survey below. Mahalo!

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Do you have a research lab or location where you could meet with your student and/or to conduct his/her experiment?
How important to you is it that the student have a hypothesis already formulated before your initial meeting?
May we contact you if there are students that you could potentially mentor?
If matched with a student, would you need your student to bring all of his/her own supplies to conduct their experiment?
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