Planning for the 2020 Science Fair

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Getting Started

Prior to participating in the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair (HSSEF), it is critical that EVERY project is evaluated by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) at the District/Regional level to ensure compliance with rules and regulations set forth by the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). We cannot stress enough the importance of completing this process prior to participation, and in some cases, prior to experimentation (e.g., the use of potentially hazardous biological agents and/or projects involving vertebrate animals). Failure to do so in a timely manner can affect the review process and your ability to advance. For School and District Fair dates and Pre-Approval Instructions within your district/region please contact the appropriate District Fair Office.

What Forms Do You Need?

STEP #1: Visit the ISEF WIZARD to determine what forms you need for your project.

STEP #2: Once you have a list of which forms you need, download and complete them. The new 2020 forms are now available on the ISEF website or you can download them from our list below.

Required Forms for ALL Projects:

Required Forms for projects with human subjects, vertebrates, hazardous materials, continuation research and institutions:

STEP #3: Please read the ISEF RULES thoroughly.

STEP #4: If the rules state that your project requires pre-approval, please contact your District Fair Office to schedule a review of your project BEFORE experimentation.

STEP #5: If you have questions regarding SRC or the process, ISEF has provided helpful resources on their website. We provided the most commonly used resources below.

STEP #6: If you still need assistance, please contact our office using the fillable form below.


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